We headed to Northern Irelands Capital today, to the birthplace of the Titanic.

Covered by the shadows of Samson & Goliath (Harland &Wolff) lay one of the best shows we have been to in some time! With both indoor and outdoor vehicles on display there was something for everyone.

From bagged vags, super slick japanese imports to dads army in their full military gear! We went along to see what all the fuse from last year was about.

To say where were surprised was an understatement. The moment we walked through the door we were greeted with an array of bike both 2 wheeled and 4. Jason McCaw had the full JMC Roofing team on display! We walked into the main hall to bump into a good friend drifting in doors!! Yes thats right they where drifting in doors… with RC Cars of course come on how big do you think the place is.

The full indoor display was spectacular, every vehicle was gleaming and deserved of a prize. With DJ Rossco keeping the place alive with music and none other than Suitor Bros Chris Suitor taking on the MC position for the day, the place was electric!

Please feel free to check out our gallery below!